About Us

OLS+ Performance was founded in 2019 by Carlos Filippsen & Euan Abercrombie. OLS+ evolved from two successful tuning companies who share the same passion and vision to be the supplier of the highest quality tuning files and performance upgrades in the industry.

Starting Your Remapping Business

We are passionate about our business; we love what we do and continually look to improve and help our agents grow with us. If you are looking for a high quality and reliable tuning service for the latest ECU’s, along with technical support that is second to none, you will find it here at OLS+.

We take great pride in using the latest and most advanced equipment and software available on the market today. There are many ways to make a car faster and more economical, but only a handful are safe, reliable and ultimately effective. We are software and tuning experts, dedicated to being up to date with the latest solutions in the industry to continually develop and improve our product.

All our maps are fully custom and are developed in house on our two V-Tech Dyno’s (Rolling Roads). We have two Performance Centres in the UK, one located in Scotland and the other in North Devon. We cover all sectors including cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Start your remapping Business with OLS!

OLS+ Authorised Agent Network

We run a Worldwide Agent Network of Slave Tool users and our tuning files service is also open to independent tuning companies using master tools. We have over 370 users registered on our tuning files portal who are taking advantage of our superb tuning service and this number is growing daily.

If you are interested in becoming a remapping agent, starting your own remapping business or adding remapping to your current motor trade business as an OLS+ Authorised Agent, you can register your interest here. Alternatively, if you are already a functioning tuning business looking for the highest quality custom tuned files, you can simply register on our tuning portal here, and start using our files service straight away.

Performance Upgrades

Our aim at OLS+ Performance is to bring the best performance brands to you from around the world. We supply a range of performance upgrades from exhaust systems, air intakes, intercoolers and more. You can visit our shop to find out more about the upgrades available for your vehicle.

Why Choose OLS+?

Want to increase power, improve drivability and save fuel? Do you and your customers vehicles deserve the best? Then demand an OLS+ Remap, the tuning brand you can trust.

We have agents throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Our agents are fully trained and equipped with the latest and most advanced tools on the market enabling them to install our custom developed software calibrations on your vehicle.

Experience and Service

  • We have tuned 1000’s of vehicles over the years.
  • We offer a level of customer service that we are very proud of.
  • Every tuning file we provide is developed in-house and dyno tested, nothing less will do.
  • Every tuning file we provide carries a Lifetime Warranty on the software.
  • As industry experts, we often troubleshoot for and advise other tuning companies.
  • We will not overstate our figures to make them appear better than our competitors.
  • We will not raise your expectations of fuel savings, to an unreasonable level.
  • We will tell you if the improvements on certain vehicles are minimal and therefore not worth doing.
  • We can offer help and give advice on marketing strategies.