OLS+ Starter Package – Autotuner


Our New Agent Starter Pack has been designed to provide you with everything that you need to start your remapping business.

£3,300.00 EXC. TAX


Autotuner Tuning Tool:

Autotuner is delivered with all the required accessories in a dedicated package which will equip you to carry out OBD and Bench Tuning. The software is user friendly and guides you through the process of reading and writing vehicles step by step. A subscription is not required and the tool is continuously updated free of charge. 

Additional Equipment:

We supply a refurbished Lenovo Laptop, equipped with a powerful i5 processor and SSD drive which is pre-loaded with the software required to get you started.

The Autel MK808 is an advanced tablet automotive scan tool and has the capability of accessing all vehicle systems displaying ECU information, reading and erasing codes, viewing live data, and performing a series of special services. Providing a broad array of productive solutions, this Autel scan tool makes work easier for your pre and post tuning vehicle diagnostics.

A Battery Support Units (BSU) is designed to sustain the vehicle electrical system, providing a stable power supply source for battery changes during ECU flashing, programming and diagnostic work, preventing disruption to the process and protecting against potentially costly damage to sensitive electronics.


  • Autotuner Tool
  • Lenovo Refurbished Laptop with i5 Processor and SSD Drive
  • Autel MK808 for diagnostics, data logging and resetting faults after flashing
  • Battery Support Unit for battery stabilisation during flashing

Key Features:

  • Autotuner Tool – Free Subscription for the latest development and updates
  • A fast and powerful laptop for all your tuning needs
  • Diagnostic equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket
  • A high quality battery support unit for your peace of mind during the flashing process
  • Everything that you need to start your remapping business including full training and support