Rolling Road

OLS+ Performance are fully equipped with two state of the art 4WD V-tech Rolling Roads for in-house software development.

V-tech have been the leading dynamometers manufacturer for over 20 years, producing some of the most advanced dyno’s and dyno software on the market.

Our V-tech 4WD Rolling Roads are the latest models, controlled by the leading DynaVTECH software and patented TrueForce II technology.

The Bespoke Software Calibrations we supply to our agents are developed in-house on our dynos. Our Dyno Cells are equipped with additional hardware such as Boost Sensors, AFR Sensors and OBD/CAN Interfaces. This allows us to carry out extensive data analysis and ensure the utmost accuracy during software development.

What this means to you? It simply gives us the ability to supply you and your customers with the best quality tuning files in the industry.